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Patricia Felicia 2 days ago

Fish Tacos

I have been coming to R. Thomas since I was in college almost 30 years ago. For all that time, my absolute favorite dish is the Fish Tacos. They never disappoint. They are fresh, and amazing every time. I have had them every way possible: regular with no changes, Vegan, no shell, add avocado, add chips and no chips or shell just in a bowl and definitely with the sprouts. Always depending on my wellness journey. But none the less, they are simply warm, fresh, delicious, and nourishing my body. The fish is flaky and never overcooked and the veggies are plentiful, colorful, and crunchy. Of all the places to eat in Atlanta, my friends and family know that R Thomas is my favorite restaurant and the Fish Tacos are my favorite item on the menu with a warm Chia Tea. Come see for yourself!

Ketline 20 days ago

Fish Tacos

Flavor city. Light and filling at the same time

Mrssmith3516 21 days ago

French Toast

Food was delicious & the service was great! Worth every dollar.

Fletch 29 days ago

Fish Tacos

They were absolutely the best tacos my boyfriend has ever had. We live in Nashville and it's been 2 years since eating them and he still talks about them.

Kikiwest2008 about 1 month ago

Fish Tacos

I just moved out to Atlanta and my friend and I tried this place & it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING/AUTHENTIC! I've Never had tacos taste soooo delicious and pure! I could taste every fresh ingredient! The tacos were so fresh & the blend of all the flavors melted in my mouth!!! From the taco tortilla shell all the way to the Sassy Sauce!! I have been craving those exact tacos and I am coming back!! The environment was very welcoming! & I found out you can order take out, which is a true blessing!! Thank you everyone for you kind hearted service and making my new home in Atlanta great:)

Elizondo6 about 1 month ago

Breakfast Quesadilla

Omgosh! We visit Atlanta to see our grandchild and RThomas is a must stop every time! It was the first restaurant our daughter Jessica took us to when we first came to visit. I have the egg quesadilla breakfast everytime with the sweet popatoes, YUM, and everytime it's on the mark. Everyone else switches it up because everything is so good. We are now into the third generation of RThomas fans. We miss seeing the owner's smiling face but his daughter, pleasant employees, esp. Dan, and the beautiful birds keep his wonderful reputation and hard work alive. Open 24 hours. Don't miss out!

Mahagonyrose about 1 month ago

Chicken Curry Basil Wrap

Ok. I've been going to RThomas since 1993 and surprisingly I always get the same thing....Chicken Curry Basil Wrap and I need the extra curry mayo! When I tell you the craving of this wrap wakes me out of my sleep! It's amazing and paired really well. I moved away from Atlanta in 1994 but EVERY time I come into town we have to make a stop to get this wrap, fresh juice, and tea!

Cherielynnpeirce about 1 month ago

Veggie Omelette

I love R Thomas! I have been coming here since I moved from California 6 years ago. It reminds me of home by the beach in CA. Healthy options! Cute and kitschy!

Sarah about 1 month ago

Lucky Green Tea

R. Thomas has become a weekly trip of mine due to their delicious consistency, fantastic array of options, and fresh ingredients. It is hard to sway me from my all time favorite dish of the Lucky Green Tea, but their Thai Express, nachos, juices, lattes, and full breakfast spread 24/7 never disappoint. Let's talk about the Lucky Green Tea dish. A heaping portion size, fresh veggies, wasabi on the side that will send a zing up your nose, what's not to love? Enough to fill an empty stomach or take some home for a repeat of deliciousness later. I'm a vegetarian and am never short on options, what a treat. If you haven't been, you are missing out. Not to mention the décor, win.

Janinealicia01 about 2 months ago

Grilled Cheese

The grilled cheese is amazing! Almost every time I visit , this is my go to dish! The home fries as a side go so well with it especially since they both are very tasty.

Alexisjosephinec about 2 months ago

R's Wings

These wings are insanely good! The chicken fell right off the bone! R. Thomas is an amazing gem tucked away in the middle of bustling Atlanta and I cannot wait to go back! Bennie, our server, was amazing! He recommended everything we tried and did not disappoint!

Meeksandhya about 2 months ago

Thai Express

I had this bowl my first visit to restaurant. It was amazing. I am looking forward to returning.

Tran 2 months ago

Creamy Pesto Pasta

I visited R. Thomas Deluxe Grill for the first time with my coworkers. We were immediately drawn in by the fun and colorful atmosphere, but it's really the food that keeps us coming back! There's absolutely something for everyone. As a vegetarian in Atlanta it can often be hard to find great veggie options, but R. Thomas Deluxe Grill is the dream! I had the creamy pesto pasta and it was to die for. The portion size is generous, the chopped cashew bits are perfect, and the vegetables have a nice smoky grilled flavor. I love this place- thanks for dishing up great food!

Mynailhouses 2 months ago

Red Potato Corn Chowder

My only regret is that I can't review multiple items! The red potato corn chowder seems fitting though because I order it almost every single time. It's perfect. Perfect density, perfect flavor. Perfect..... liquid to solids ratio? If I don't order the full bowl as my meal I get the cup as my appetizer.

Ayqdagon 3 months ago

R's Wings

When we lived in Norcross from 2011-2012, my mom's then husband used to take us here all the time. Mom was absolutely a glutton for super spicy things. These wings? She would take home the biggest box they could provide. And then some. It was even her birthday present at one point. So if you like foods that make you sweat, snot, and cry, these wings are it. I stuck with the basics, the penne pasta, and man. They still topped the cake over another favorite restaurant. Their sweets are also super delectable. I enjoy this restaurant a lot. For both sentimental value and food quality.

Ekaf 3 months ago

Authentic Chai

Blue moon chai tea is delicious and delightful. Dairy free rice milk lots of flavorful spices in your mouth. This first time chai tea is now my favourite. I simply won't eat here without adding it to my order.

Johnaewalker18 3 months ago

Spicy Fish Tacos

I work right across the street in the iheart media building and one of my coworkers brought back some food they didn't finish and wind up not wanting it so long story short i look forward to trying something on my own !

Jjefferies07 3 months ago

Vegan Veggie Burger

So I've been dabbling a little into vegan dishes, and MAN was this delicious! I felt not once ounce of guilt for indulging in this so late at night. Filling, not too heavy on the stomach, and tasty. That vegan mayonnaise though! Enough said....try it for yourself. Even die hard meat eaters would appreciate this dish. R.Thomas doesn't disappoint.

Diamond 3 months ago

French Toast

Best french toast I've ever had in my life. The bread is fluffy and the maple syrup and bananas on top are a perfect touch. I've driven oven an hour to have this - you should too.

Cindyjoycrawford 3 months ago

R's Grilled Soy Ginger Salmon

I usually can not eat salmon because it tastes and smells fishy, but this is not so with this dish. We live over an hour away, but we always choose to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries here because dishes like this one are so good that it is worth the drive. Best salmon ever!

Kristencombs77 18 days ago

French Toast

R. Thomas has the best, HANDS DOWN, French toast in the world. I always add a side of home fries or a breakfast meat a la carte. And of course, everything else is great too. I ordered a smoothie as well, and all of the smoothies that I've tried are so fresh and tasty, yet organic and healthy. I love how everything on the menu can be ordered all day and they are open 24/7. I keep some odd hours because of work, yet I can still eat quality food late night thanks to R. Thomas!!! I love the birds and I can tell they are loved and they well taken care of. This is honestly one of my favorite spots to eat in the perimeter for a reasonable price and a relaxing atmosphere. The servers are always pleasant and friendly, and are very keen with their knowledge of the menu. R. Thomas has high quality food, a laid back, hippie environment, wonderful staff, plenty of parking, a full menu with many options for any kind of diet, and has outdoor seating as well on a covered patio, that's still warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I love the entire experience from beginning to end, with nothing to fault them on. I highly recommend for awkward social situations like a first date because immediately there is plenty of things to talk about from the delicious menu, to the interesting pieces of furniture, to the birds in cages as you're walking into the restaurant. I have never had a bad experience at R. Thomas, and I have and will continue to come as long as the doors are open. And they've been open 34 years, born in the year I was also born. I've been coming ever since. I highly recommend to anyone visiting or new to the area!

Ashccrump 20 days ago

Hempnut Buttercup

As a smoothie king frequent visitor, I now have a new healthy option that taste great and opened all the time!

Funkt77 23 days ago

R's Stuffed Portabella Cap

I have been a vegetarian for six years now.. and one of the things I realized I had to give up much later was meatloaf. To me meatloaf is such a comfort food.. and it brings me back to a time I was young and my great grandmother used to make this dish for me when it was raining outside. This is one of my fondest memories because of how special she made me feel by making me this. Up until recently I thought that memory was gone forever... but let me tell you!! This vegan stuffed portobello cap brought this memory back to me. This is by far the best vegan comfort food I have ever had in my entire life. Not only did it exceed my expectations of what a vegan "meat loaf" is but it also made me want to eat this meal basically everyday. I am a huge fan of spicy food and the spicy that is put into this sauce on the cap is what makes it. I highly recommend this dish if you want to take a walk through old memories and to have your world rocked by the wonderful possibilities of vegan food that R Thomas Deluxe Grill has to offer. P.S. this pairs well with their wonderful sangria ;)

Terrabundance 30 days ago

9 Dollar Shake

So! Worth! It!! So flipping good, and filling!

Nacho about 1 month ago

1/2 Burger

Delicious. Nothing crazy, but you want a burger and your SO wants to try funky food? Go here. More parking in the back than you think, so easy enough to get to - which can be an issue in these parts.

Gia about 1 month ago

Lavendar Jasmine Affair

So good literally need to have more late night runs just for this tea

Adrianna about 1 month ago

Vegan Sloppy Veggie Joe

Probably the best thing i've ever put in my mouth without worrying where it came from. You won't go wrong.

Christinewilliams92 about 1 month ago

R's House-Made Veggie Burger

Great place for late food. Our wings and entrees were delicious! We also tried the vegan cake which was SPECTACULAR!

Kareem about 1 month ago

R's Vegetable Combo

All i can say is amazing Great texture great flavor will be getting it again

Susanhadorn about 2 months ago

Magic Quesadilla

Delicious and enough to take home for a second round of yummy!

Alexisjosephinec about 2 months ago

Thai Express

Out of this world! Bursting with flavor!

Destinyanglemyer 2 months ago

French Toast

Amazing!! Best French Toast ever!

Courtgibs 2 months ago

Thai Express

If you know about this amazing Atlanta restaurant, you probably know about their strong hold veggie dish the Thai Express. So savory and delicious!!! Love their menu selection, drink options, and breakfast all day. Plus I've heard a lot of their menu is organically grown although they don't advertise that.

Ursula 3 months ago

Ginger Crusted Wild Ahi Tuna

Delicious! Never a disappointment.

Sharasumimoto 3 months ago

Portabella Linguine

This is my favorite thing to get here! It's on point, melts in your mouth!!

Jezzka00 3 months ago

French Toast

THE BEST!!! So delicious!

Daniel 3 months ago

French Toast

Mouth watering thick cut French toast, cooked perfectly, topped with an incredible syrup. I could eat it everyday.

Shontay 3 months ago

French Toast

R.Thomas has blessed me so many nights. The PERFECT late night meal here in Atlanta. Customer service is always amazing and super cool vibes. Vegan friendly and perfect all around.

Gabrielasola98 3 months ago

French Toast

This is single-handedly the best french toast I've ever had in my whole life. Whenever I go to Atlanta I try my hardest to go to R. Thomas just to eat it, and I try to convince my friends to eat it too. Every time I go with someone I tell them, "trust me you have to get the french toast." Sometimes they listen to me and get hooked as well, but the ones who don't listen try a bit of mine and instantly have regrets. It's that delicious.

Lesley 3 months ago

R's Stuffed Portabella Cap

Amazing food and service! Wish i lived closer, id be in all the time! Love what y'all are doing!


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