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Courtgibs 3 days ago

Thai Express

If you know about this amazing Atlanta restaurant, you probably know about their strong hold veggie dish the Thai Express. So savory and delicious!!! Love their menu selection, drink options, and breakfast all day. Plus I've heard a lot of their menu is organically grown although they don't advertise that.

Ursula 11 days ago

Ginger Crusted Wild Ahi Tuna

Delicious! Never a disappointment.

Sharasumimoto 13 days ago

Portabella Linguine

This is my favorite thing to get here! It's on point, melts in your mouth!!

Jezzka00 19 days ago

French Toast

THE BEST!!! So delicious!

Daniel 28 days ago

French Toast

Mouth watering thick cut French toast, cooked perfectly, topped with an incredible syrup. I could eat it everyday.

Shontay 29 days ago

French Toast

R.Thomas has blessed me so many nights. The PERFECT late night meal here in Atlanta. Customer service is always amazing and super cool vibes. Vegan friendly and perfect all around.

Gabrielasola98 30 days ago

French Toast

This is single-handedly the best french toast I've ever had in my whole life. Whenever I go to Atlanta I try my hardest to go to R. Thomas just to eat it, and I try to convince my friends to eat it too. Every time I go with someone I tell them, "trust me you have to get the french toast." Sometimes they listen to me and get hooked as well, but the ones who don't listen try a bit of mine and instantly have regrets. It's that delicious.

Lesley about 1 month ago

R's Stuffed Portabella Cap

Amazing food and service! Wish i lived closer, id be in all the time! Love what y'all are doing!

Madisontucker1038 about 1 month ago

Spicy Fish Tacos

The first time I ever came here I tried the Spicy Fish Tacos and FELL IN LOVE, so healthy and so delicious. This is my new favorite restaurant and you'll find me here for my birthday dinner every year. The atmosphere is so fun and the food is incredible.

Msnowden about 1 month ago

French Toast

I love R.Thomas the food is always great and the vibe

Emanh313 about 1 month ago

Thai Express

absolutely love this dish and the restaurant in general. such a good vibe and great food and service

Zack about 1 month ago

Grilled Veggies and Hummus

As a vegan, R Thomas was my go to place since I moved to Atlanta 4 years ago. No matter what my friends like to eat (meat included), they also always find something to order there. My most favorite dishes included grilled veggies with hummus, Thai bowl with tempeh, vegan Walnut pate, and never forget to order coconut Delight with your meal (to be shared between 2 people)

Ajs about 2 months ago

French Toast

I just moved around the corner and heard R Thomas was really good. I decided to try it out and was not disappointed! The french toast was delicious. It was made with thick pieces of bread and a some banana slices. Each piece was perfectly cooked and delicious. This place is my new favorite spot for delicious organic food at ANY time of the day plus i can bring my friends with eating restrictions.

Annagail about 2 months ago

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich


Brianna about 2 months ago

Curry Coconut Seafood Linguine

R Thomas is literally my favorite restaurant EVER !! I live in Conyers which is about an hour drive From Atlanta and I do it every time with no hesitation just for this meal ! I also love the magic potato which is a must every time I visit. I love everything they stand for ! This place is a must try anywhere you go !

Lauren about 2 months ago

Grilled Veggies and Raw Hummus

Perfect for a late night snack, always fresh

Pguell98 about 2 months ago

Banana Boy Toy

the most delicious thing i've tried in a while!

Bridget 2 months ago

Chips Deluxe

I've been eating at R Thomas since I was a teenager. I always gotta get the Chips Deluxe 😋 something so simple as nachos is a timeless hit here thanks to the delicious Cha Cha veggies and hummus. It is consistently satisfying to share or to eat all by your badself!

Proserawson 2 months ago

Rosemary Potatoes

The Rosemary Potatoes - along with everything else on the menu - are delicious! They have just the right amount of rosemary and other seasonings and are cooked perfectly.

Boydtakiya 2 months ago

Curry Coconut Seafood Linguine

This pasta is soooooooo life changing. Literally on every special occasion I treat myself to this pasta. My birthday.... friend's birthdays... coworkers achievements! The sauce is so savory and good the vegetables are crisp the sweet chili sauce is the perfect amount of sweet to compliment the savory curry. Ugh I fall in love everytime I have it I get so sad when it's done. And sorry I'm not sharing lol. The banana French toast is bomb too. Like really good like top 3 French toast I've ever had. Okay guys thank me later 😊

Mynailhouses 4 days ago

Red Potato Corn Chowder

My only regret is that I can't review multiple items! The red potato corn chowder seems fitting though because I order it almost every single time. It's perfect. Perfect density, perfect flavor. Perfect..... liquid to solids ratio? If I don't order the full bowl as my meal I get the cup as my appetizer.

Ayqdagon 13 days ago

R's Wings

When we lived in Norcross from 2011-2012, my mom's then husband used to take us here all the time. Mom was absolutely a glutton for super spicy things. These wings? She would take home the biggest box they could provide. And then some. It was even her birthday present at one point. So if you like foods that make you sweat, snot, and cry, these wings are it. I stuck with the basics, the penne pasta, and man. They still topped the cake over another favorite restaurant. Their sweets are also super delectable. I enjoy this restaurant a lot. For both sentimental value and food quality.

Ekaf 17 days ago

Authentic Chai

Blue moon chai tea is delicious and delightful. Dairy free rice milk lots of flavorful spices in your mouth. This first time chai tea is now my favourite. I simply won't eat here without adding it to my order.

Johnaewalker18 20 days ago

Spicy Fish Tacos

I work right across the street in the iheart media building and one of my coworkers brought back some food they didn't finish and wind up not wanting it so long story short i look forward to trying something on my own !

Jjefferies07 28 days ago

Vegan Veggie Burger

So I've been dabbling a little into vegan dishes, and MAN was this delicious! I felt not once ounce of guilt for indulging in this so late at night. Filling, not too heavy on the stomach, and tasty. That vegan mayonnaise though! Enough said....try it for yourself. Even die hard meat eaters would appreciate this dish. R.Thomas doesn't disappoint.

Diamond 30 days ago

French Toast

Best french toast I've ever had in my life. The bread is fluffy and the maple syrup and bananas on top are a perfect touch. I've driven oven an hour to have this - you should too.

Cindyjoycrawford about 1 month ago

R's Grilled Soy Ginger Salmon

I usually can not eat salmon because it tastes and smells fishy, but this is not so with this dish. We live over an hour away, but we always choose to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries here because dishes like this one are so good that it is worth the drive. Best salmon ever!

Delo0421 about 1 month ago

R's Salmon Piccata

Love the salmon...i love a vatiety of foods...the potatoes are soft n seasoned perfectly....all the food is healthy.

Q about 1 month ago

Curry Coconut Seafood Linguine

The Coconut Curry Linguine is divine. Even though it is not actually "Angel Hair" it literally should be. The flavor bomb that is dropped in your mouth when you take each bite is powerful. Multiple pairs of underwear are recommended for discretionary purposes. 10/10 would order again.

Teairahporter about 1 month ago

French Toast

The french toast was really, really, really good! Hands down best french toast I've had at a restaurant in awhile—full of flavor, fluffy, and well prepared! Definitely recommend for my breakfast lovers to visit try the french toast, you won't regret it :) excellent service as well.

Erin about 1 month ago

French Toast

The French toast is to die for! Pair it with a mimosa, and you can't go wrong.

Tyonnawhite about 1 month ago

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich

The best late night meal been eating at this place for years love the customer service, love the fast pace staffs I definitely will recommend putting r.thomas on your bucket list if in Atlanta

Annagail about 2 months ago

Creole Shrimp

Best ever!!

Tonya about 2 months ago

Big Bang

Perfection in a cup! ❤️

Lauren about 2 months ago

Magic Quesadilla

This is my literal favorite meal anywhere, not just at R. Thomas. It's delicious.

Lauren about 2 months ago

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

These are the best sweet potatoes I've had. Every time I visit I either pick these as my side, or order it separately.

Lbritto 2 months ago

Breakfast Special

Very good option for my fellow vegetarians ! I had the veggie sausage and it was sooo good! Great late night, guilty free meal

Hdp 2 months ago

R's Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

Delicious! The flavors together were great. I recommend ordering some veggie sausage in the side to throw into this yummy bowl of goodness!

Dcsiegel 2 months ago

Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Sandwich and hash browns great. Cappuccino better than Starbucks! Sandwich also better!

Dianegornell 2 months ago

Red Potato Corn Chowder

Both Delicious. Especially the ocean salad; just the tight amount of dressing. One downside, not enough room to order the raspberry chocolate mousse.


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