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Keysha 1 day ago

R's House-Made Veggie Burger

The bread they use is really good. Some places use nasty bread which ruins the whole burger. So this burger you get the whole yummy experience and goes well with there smashed potatoes and gravy which is vegan. I was told all the sides except classic home fries and baked potato are vegan.

Midiancrosby 6 days ago

Curry Coconut Seafood Linguine

Discovered this gem through a google search for vegetarian restaurants and had no idea it has been here for so long and is 24hours! With a huge menu! So many of my favorite eateries have stupid selective hours, I can get this anytime!! The pasta dish was excellent (and served FAST) and I got more goodies to go.

Lishanra23 9 days ago

R's Quesadilla

10-31-19 was my first visit and it did not disappoint. The wait staff was festive for Halloween and wore costumes and makeup. The chicken quesadilla was awesome. The free range chicken was amazing with the combination of everything within the quesadilla. The guacamole I added was a great compliment to the dish as well. The ladybug drink was like a party in my mouth. Darius was awesome and very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu.

Hkreese2013 11 days ago

Fish Tacos

R Thomas is a truly sublime experience. Groovy and vibrant decor settles the mind into playful peace, the menu is dripping with boldly delicious options to choose from ANY time of day, and the service is a kind of down-to-earth actual niceness that is tricky to find in the busy city nowadays. Each time I bring a friend here for their first time, they immediately light up with wonder and cheerful curiosity at the vibe as soon as they enter and have a gaze about the place.. This positive first impression is then enhanced by the genuine service and then solidified by the phenomenal food. I've recruited an entourage of R Thomas enthusiasts, vegans and meat-eaters alike. Can I pick a favorite dish? Absolutely not. Their repertoire is too full of amazing to filter out a favorite. However, my arsenal of go-tos include the Raw Veggie Dinner #1 and 2, the Lucky Green Tea bowl, the Mediterranean bowl, and the Fish Tacos. I enjoyed the latter platter as a matter of fact during my most recent visit at my server Bennie's suggestion. Several moist corn tortillas sit beautifully in their metal stand, loaded with delicate fish and divinely warm vegetables, and topped with a savory sauce which ties the whole ensemble together with sweet tang and authentic flavor. Add the guacamole and prepare to drool in Spanish. I have only declarations of love for R Thomas, it is a champion of cuisine character in Atlanta. Come see for yourself that you can indeed enjoy a healthy, artistic, delicious meal at 4 in the morning under rainbow lanterns with other happy humans. (Went ahead and posted this on google reviews for you guys. Thank you!)

Twball3459 12 days ago

Breakfast Quesadilla

R.Thomas' is a staple in Atlanta. I would highly recommend the restaurant to anyone living in or visiting Atlanta.

Raevinnhawkins 12 days ago

Big Bang

This drink is the best pick me up! warm soothing and spicy

Brightman 12 days ago

Rosemary Potatoes

I love the Rosemary Potatoes, everything else wasn't on my favorite list last night.

Nothingandeverything 15 days ago

R's Quesadilla

My family and I went here and all of us enjoyed each of our dishes!! It was delicious and reasonably priced! I will definitely be coming back soon! Thank you for serving fresh and organic ingredients!

Loves Good Food 16 days ago

Kenny's Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie

Sooo yummy! My favorite!!

Camilledriscoll3 17 days ago

Ginger Crusted Wild Ahi Tuna


Tjh 19 days ago

Peachtree Morning

I have been a customer for probably about 10 years now! R. Thomas is my absolutely favorite brunch spot (at any hour) in the entire city. I usually order the Breakfast Special (the veggie sausage is so good!) or the Peachtree Morning, with coffee which is always brewed to perfection, and either a Mimosa with fresh squeezed orange juice, or the best Bloody Mary I've ever had. The atmosphere is very relaxed with all the decorations and beautiful lighting inside, even when the restaurant is packed!

Brigettenelson90 20 days ago

R.'s Big Breakfast Special

After debating who was going to cook dinner, my husband decided to take me to R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. He had ate here the week before for the first time. This was my first time at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. I was already impressed with the atmosphere and the outside and inside decorations. Once we were seated I ordered the R.'s Big Breakfast Special. The portion size was great. The service was amazing. Our waitress was very attentive. The French toast I was so delicious. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to others. Another positive is that R. Thomas is 24 hours!

Catmaskgirl 21 days ago

R's House-Made Veggie Burger

This is the perfect place to fall in love with. Been going for decades and never disappointed in the experience. A beacon of awesome energy.

Nekosama420 about 1 month ago

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Had this slice of cake almost a year ago and I still dream of it to this day. I have only went there once to the inconvenience of driving so far for some quality food. I got to say though when me and my friends went this cake was the first thing I wanted when I looked at the menu. When I got it too, I believe there is a chocolate and or vanilla sauce you can drape over your slice of cake. It was so satisfying watching the sauce slide down the slice and coat it at the same time. When you take a bite of it too it was absolutely stunning. I hope one day I can buy it as a whole cake and not a slice for a birthday party.

Linda614 about 1 month ago

PBJ Plus

OMG. They made it dairy free for me ... and it was SUPERB !

Mckenzie61898 about 1 month ago

Portabella Linguine

Delicious and perfect portion. The sauce was so good. I also had the honey and local bee pollen smoothie and am already craving another. Love this place!

Austarrowsplitter about 2 months ago

Ginger Crusted Wild Ahi Tuna

The plating was great, and the variety of textures and flavors was amazing. It was like eating deconstructed sushi. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who's a fan of seafood, the fish was great, just a bit of sear on the edges. All the vegetables were well prepared, and had a nice mix of flavors and textures.

Ellure050 about 2 months ago

Sausage Queen Omelette

Fresh, delicious, healthy. All words that come to mind when I think about this restaurant, and this meal is no exception. Crisp veggies, and high quality egg make this one a favorite of mine.

Mikewmiller about 2 months ago

Peachtree Morning

E X C E L E N T !! Quirky place but very friendly staff. Visually stimulating. Good food. Not your everyday Starbucks, IHOP or Denny's breaky. I liked it a lot.... thanks Mr Thomas and co.

Infinitesunrays 3 days ago

Vegan Veggie Burger

I love this spot! The vegan burger is excellent and so are the smashed potatoes. They also have any healthy items to choose from. You will not be disappointed.

Linda614 8 days ago

9 Dollar Shake

I'm dairy free so they have several options to sub out the kefir in the PBJ Plus shake. I opt for the coconut milk. SO good. I'm addicted. Have to have one at least once a week. Staff is great.

Becc623 11 days ago

Muscogee Mint Iced Tea

This drink is addictive! I usually ask for a little agave to put in it. It tastes like that first brisk day in fall and it makes me feel energetic and cozy at the sametime. Try it!

Spencerchaserogers 11 days ago

French Toast


Chelsea 12 days ago

Southern Range Chicken Piccata

My boyfriend and I were recommended to eat here by my boyfriends father who has been dining at r. Thomas's for 20 years. The first time we went was around 2 am and the place was packed! We knew we were in the right place. There was a short wait so we went out back and played with the exotic birds. When we sat down at our table, we were greeted by the nicest staff. You could tell that everyone who was working was in a good mood, from the person who took down our names on the wait list, to the hostess, and our waiter who was over the top friendly and helpful. The atmosphere of the restaurant is incredible and something you have to experience for yourself. And then the food came, we went straight for the entrees when we ordered. I had the chicken picatta and it tasted like my mom was preparing it in the kitchen. The smashed potatoes with mushroom gravy was out of this world. And then I discovered the key lime pie, and now I'm addicted. I get a slice to go almost every week it's so good! R. Thomas's has become one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta hands down. If you haven't had the pleasure of dining here, you have to try it! One of Atlanta's best dining spots.

Ebockley1 12 days ago

Chicken Sandwich

Best chicken sandwich ever! If the amazing atmosphere wasn't enough- this fresh, delicious chicken sandwich has me coming back for more!

Kimtatz 13 days ago

Portabella Melt

Who would have thought a mushroom sandwich could tatse so good. Amazing food and drinks.

Christinia 15 days ago

R.'s Big Breakfast Special

Yummy yum. Stepped out of my comfort zone today. We usually get the veggie sloppy Joe. Glad I tried something new. The Veggie Sausage....yum yum

Annagail 17 days ago

Benedict Thomas

BEST BREAKFAST I have had in so long!! I will be back of course

Rajamidori 18 days ago

R's Quesadilla

Best quesadilla EVER!!! Cheesy goodness surrounded by just the right amount of chicken, bacon and veggies. Delicious!!!

Sallydevane 19 days ago

Creole Shrimp

The Creole Shrimp bowl was incredible -- one of those meals you look forward to reheating the next day for lunch. The portion was large enough for me to have some to take home, and the flavors were amazing. 10/10 would eat again. and again and again. I can't wait to go back and try something new!

Joshuatuck 20 days ago

Coconut Delight

Very very TASTY smoothie that comes in a fresh peeled coconut with handmade lid! Extra smoothie comes on the side too. The banana and strawberry and coconut is mixed very well for delightful drink that'll have you coming back again and again

Annagail 25 days ago

1/2 Burger

I absolutely love it here! I come every week! Food is great & so is service!

Warrenmc about 1 month ago

Curry Coconut Seafood Linguine

The curry sauce on the pasta is absolutely the perfect blend of sweet and savory. My husband thought it was so delicious he poured my leftover sauce on his potatoes - it was too good to waste a drop! The shrimp and salmon portion in the pasta was just right and the the pasta was not over cooked at all. Delicious!!

Danielle about 1 month ago

Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

One of my favorite places to eat in the City. You cannpt beat a 24/7 schedule with incredible organic food for every type of diet. My favorites are the salmon, cinnamon sweet potatoes, and collards. If I loved closer, I would visit a lot more often.

Opynmic about 1 month ago

Vegan Sloppy Veggie Joe

The atmosphere at R Thomas is pure charming and pensive it's like walking into a fairytale. This 24h dream represents Atlanta so well, "Issa Vibe" should honestly be their slogan. The menu here is also outstanding. Every dish my family ordered was delicious. I had the Vegan Sloppy Joe which wasn't sloppy at all but rather kosher. We now call it the "The Jo-seph" lol.

Amber about 2 months ago

French Toast

I live over 2 hours away from R. Thomas, and it is still hands down my favorite restaurant to go to when I visit Atlanta!! I love it so much, that for my birthday, my daughter "kidnapped" me and took me to there to eat. It has become the special place for my daughter and me to enjoy some quality time and fabulous food and drinks. We love the atmosphere and ambiance. Each employee is always friendly from the hostess to the cooks in the kitchen. Make a special trip to R. Thomas, and I promise, it will become your first of many.

Tnkillings about 2 months ago

Mediterranean Bowl

I've tried quinoa before and it didn't leave a lasting impression until I tried this Mediterranean quinoa bowl! This is a very delicious and flavorful dish all around.


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